03 October 2011

Sammy the Sloth

Last week South Side students had the pleasure to meet a real author and illustrator...Ryan Sloth.
Coach Sloth traveled to each grade level sharing his love for reading and writing.  Coach Sloth was a high school student when he first thought of his idea for a book.  Through his love of sports and having a last name of sloth he developed his character, Sammy the Sloth.  

Coach Sloth read his two stories aloud to the students and shared his experience with writing about his love of sports.  Coach Sloth played football for the Iowa State Cyclones, the Iowa Barnstormers and now is a coach for the Barnstormers.  He has even been in several great football movies as a football player.  His latest movie was the new Batman movie!  That really made the younger students gasp and cheer. :)   We also discovered he is from Belmond, Iowa.... just minutes from us!  

This was a great way for our kids to see a person's love of reading and writing.  We thank Coach Sloth for sharing his journey of becoming an author.   I think the sloth is now a favorite animal at South and we may have a  few writers dreaming about being a real author someday.  

Thanks for sharing your time & talents, Coach Sloth!!
  Check out his books:
Sammy the Sloth     Happy Reading! Ronna

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